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Thank You In-kind Donors!

Have you won a FRED scholarship?
We want to hear from you! In celebration of FRED's 25th Anniversary in 2014, we are asking all program participants to share information that will help us better understand how our funding has helped improve rural communities. Scholarship winners and Leadership Through Learning Program participants are invited to share their education and career successes.  Grant winners are encouraged to share the impacts of the funding on their local schools, community centers, libraries, etc. Send us your feedback today by clicking here!





2014 FRED Scholarship Program
Applications for the 2014 FRED scholarship program are now being processed. Students will be notified via email by March 21 confirming that their application has been received. Winners will be announced in May.

Each year, FRED awards scholarships to rural America's most accomplished and intelligent students. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are funded by the FRED Scholarship Endowment and by donations to the FRED Annual Giving Campaign. The Everette Kneece Return to Rural America Scholarship honors Mr. Kneece's vital and pioneering efforts on behalf of FRED and is awarded in the amount of $5,000 to the year's top applicant.

Are you eligible for a FRED scholarship?
Eligibility for FRED programs is determined by the FRED Donor Circle list. Applicants must have a letter of nomination from a FRED Donor Circle company for that program year and meet the basic requirements outlined in the scholarship brochure. Only applications that meet these requirements will be considered. If you are interested in applying for a FRED scholarship, please contact one of the companies listed in the FRED Donor Circle. FRED does not provide contact information for our donors and some only nominate students from their communities. You may inquire with the company but please do not send your application or any documents to them until you have confirmation that they will provide a letter of nomination. Some companies select their candidates directly and, because there is a limited number of applications each company may nominate, not all students will be eligible to apply for scholarships. Check with the companies before filling out the application.

Number of scholarship applications submitted by each company is based on the Donor Circle.
Founder's and President Circle - 4
Benefactor Circle - 3
Patron Circle - 2
Rural Circle
- 1

Please mail all program applications to the following address:
Foundation for Rural Education and Development
Attn: Melissa Korzuch, Executive Director
4196 Merchant Plaza, Suite #803
Lake Ridge, VA 22192

Congratulations 2013 FRED Scholars!
In May 2013, FRED awarded $75,000 in scholarships to group of outstanding rural students.  A total of 53 students were selected to receive scholarships ranging from $1,000 - $5,000.  Students hail from Alaska to New York and represent rural communities in 25 states.

FRED has a longstanding history of supporting the educational efforts of rural youth.  With the $75,000 awarded this year, the total scholarship amount exceeds $1.2 million over the last 21 years.   

The “Everette Kneece Return to Rural America Scholarship” was awarded to Tara Smith nominated by ComSouth Telecommunications in Georgia.  Ms. Smith will receive $5,000, which represents FRED’s top scholarship.  Along with strong academic records and extensive involvement in extra-curricular activities, she has demonstrated a desire to return to a rural area in the United States or Canada after completing her studies.   This award is even more significant this year because Mr. Everette Kneece, FRED’s founder and the individual who the scholarship was named after, passed away on April 1, 2013. 

Scholarship checks will be mailed directly to the students' schools in late August.

A sample press release can be found here for the nominating telephone companies. For a general press release on the program, click here.

A sample Telco letter of nomination, sample financial statement I or a second sample financial statement II are also available.


2013 Scholarship Recipients

Everette Kneece Return to Rural America Scholarship- $5,000
Tara Smith
Nominated by: ComSouth Telecommunications, GA

FRED General Scholarships- $2,500
Rose Davis
Nominated by: Comporium, SC

Veronica Bair
Nominated by: Great Plains Communications Inc., NE

Sapphire Andersen
Nominated by: Hamilton Telecommunications, NE

Holly Bronson
Nominated by: Newport Telephone Company, NY 

Caitlin Young
Nominated by: Nex-Tech, KS

Bradley Dillner
Nominated by: Otelco, Mid-Missouri LLC, MO

Corey Harlow
Nominated by: Shenandoah Telephone Company, VA

Jennifer Smith
Nominated by: Solarus, WI

Grace Caza
Nominated by: The Middleburgh Telephone Co., NY

J. Benedict Ackley Scholarship- $2,000 per year for 4 years
(Must be awarded to a student from New York)

Jared Boyles
Nominated by: The Middleburgh Telephone Company

FRED General Scholarships- $1,500
Grace Bateman
Nominated by: Arvig Enterprises, Inc., MN
Drake MacFarlane
Nominated by: Clear Creek Mutual Telephone Co., OR

Timothy Watson
Nominated by: Millry Telephone Company, AL

Tucker Billman
Nominated by: Oregon Telephone Corporation, OR

Kori Hall
Nominated by: Pioneer Communications, KS

Cassidy Sloot
Nominated by: Winthrop Telephone Company, MN

Maxwell Roth
Nominated by: WTC Communications, IA

FRED General Scholarships- $1,000
Emily Ellis
Nominated by: American Broadband, Inc., NC

Tyler Hubbard
Nominated by: Canadian Valley Telephone Company, OK

Victoria Stambaugh
Nominated by: Central Oklahoma Telephone Company, OK

Alexandria Barton
Nominated by: Chazy & Westport Telephone Corp., NY

Amanda Verbrugge
Nominated by: Communications 1 Network, IA

Alexandria Witzig
Nominated by: Craigville Telephone Company, IN

Megan Bleck
Nominated by: DFT Communications, NY

Brian Frondorf
Nominated by: Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation, IN

Brittney May
Nominated by: JBN Telephone Company Inc., KS

Bayley Lindgren
Nominated by: Ketchikan Public Utilities, AK

Joseph Ferguson
Nominated by: Loretto Telephone Company Inc., TN

Emily Ochs
Nominated by: Minnesota Valley Telephone Company, MN

Megan Schumacher
Nominated by: Nortex Communications, TX

Nicole Broden
Nominated by: North Dakota Telephone Company, ND

Chelsea Truscott
Nominated by: Ontonagon County Telephone Company, MI

Jordan Thigpen
Nominated by: Otelco Inc., AL

Kaitlynn Maddox
Nominated by: Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc., OK

Rachel Wiedenfeld
Nominated by: Pierce Telephone Company Inc., NE

Taylor Wolschlager
Nominated by: Pigeon Telephone Company, MI

Emily Fike
Nominated by: Pine Belt Telephone Company, AL

Logan Little
Nominated by: Plant Telecommunications, GA

Sadie Sondeland
Nominated by: Polar Communications, ND

Tyler Douthit
Nominated by: Pottawatomie Telephone Company, OK

Benjamin Eggers
Nominated by: Ridgeville Telephone Company, OH

Adam Lowry
Nominated by: Ritter Communications, Inc., AR

Madison Samora
Nominated by: Sierra Telephone, CA

Jason Clark
Nominated by: Silver Star Communications, WY

Urvi Patel
Nominated by: TEC, AL

Kelsey Kalkowski
Nominated by: Three River Telco, NE

Carlyn Olson
Nominated by: Twin Valley Telephone Inc., KS

Garrett Shafer
Nominated by: United Telephone Association Inc., KS

Janesn Heckenberg
Nominated by: Van Buren Telephone Company, IA

Chandler Chapman
Nominated by: Wahkiakum West Telephone, WA

Andrew Hoefling
Nominated by: WesTel Systems, IA

Alex Borell
Nominated by: Wilson Telephone Company Inc., KS


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