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Donor Circle
FRED’s Donor Circle recognizes companies and individuals who have made a significant donation to FRED in the form of an investment in rural America. Eligibility for FRED programs is based on "Donor Circle" status. To learn more about the Donor Circle or to join, click here.


FRED Taxes
A spring fundraiser that runs in March and April around tax season. The campaign raises money for FRED programs. Make a donation to the FRED Taxes Fundraising Campaign today! Donations accepted through April 15 (tax day!).

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FRED Event Sponsorships
Sponsorships are available for the FRED Events at various industry meetings. Please visit FRED's Events page for more information.

Have an idea for a FRED fundraiser? Contact us today!

Make a General Donation to FRED Now!
Support FRED and its mission of promoting programs and activities that improve rural education, social and economic conditions. All donations to FRED are tax-deductible.
FRED thanks its generous donors!
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