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Ben Spearman, President

Jere JohnsonHeather Thompson,
Past President
Plus One Strategic Communications

Steve Meltzer, President Elect/Treasurer
John Staurulakis, Inc.

Heather ThompsonDan Hatzenbuehler, Vice President
Ritter Communications

Sandy BrinleyJohn Granger, Secretary

CarriRhonda Armstrong

Carri Bennet
pro bono legal counsel
Bennet & Bennet, PLLC

Geoff Feiss
Montana Telecommunications Association

Carri BennetMike Foster
Twin Valley Telephone Co.

Diana Gradert
WTC Communications

Rhonda ArmstrongDavid Mould
Rhonda ArmstrongKeith Oliver
Home Telephone Company
Hobart Rand
Granite State Telephone Company
Jeff Salters
Lexington School District







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