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$75,000 in Scholarships Awarded!

$6,952 in Ethyl Grants Awarded in April

Tech Grant Recipients Announced


Scholarship Application Deadline Set for February 14, 2014

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The Foundation for Rural Education and Development (FRED) is celebrating its 25 anniversary in 2014. Since 1989, FRED has awarded $2.7 million in scholarships, grants and other funding through its programs. Throughout the next few months we will share updates from our many scholarship and grant recipients. If you have been part of FRED in the last 25 years, please share your story through the link below.

FRED is proud to be part of rural America's rich history and exists to support the continued vitality of rural life and those who live it.

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FRED is an independent 501 (c)(3) charitable foundation located in Washington, D.C. FRED's mission is to promote activities that improve rural educational, social and economic conditions. Find out more in our About Us section.



New Eligibility Guidelines: Eligibility in FRED programs is determined by the Donor Circle. Applicants must have a letter of nomination from a “Donor Circle” company for that program year and meet the basic requirements outlined in the individual program brochure. Only those applications that meet these two requirements will be considered for FRED funding. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or other funding program, contact one of the companies listed on the Donor Circle list



August 30, 2014:
Scholarship Checks Mailed to Colleges

Year 'Round:
Ethyl Grant Applications Accepted

Thank You In-kind Donors!

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